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About Hodler Enterprises

Hodler Enterprises entered the Cryptocurrency world at a time of both challenge and opportunity.
The business carefully studied all aspects of this uprising phenomenon and by continuing to develop our knowledge and expertise Hodler Enterprises is well placed to guide its clients towards a successful and prosperous future.

We are a small team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who embrace a hard work ethic and rapid development vision, ridden of the typical inefficiencies and large overheads encountered with larger development teams and companies. We lead our community and our clients by continuing to setting our bar high.

Voyager Park in a nutshell

Voyager Park is a project of Hodler Enterprises, a crowdfunded cryptocurrency project with assets in the ‘real world’ that focuses on tourism, renewable energy, blockchain technology and heat utilization of data-centers.
Voyager Park will allow investors to participate in the project and in return, receive 49% of the profit from the project, equally divided over all token holders / investors in stable tokens to preserve value.

Hodler Enterprises is known for acquiring several blockchain startups in many different sectors.
For example: Qredit (Fintech), Persona (ID Management), Antares Energy (Renewable Energy), Hodler Energy (Datacenter).

The goal is to utilize and showcase all projects in a single park, a ‘mini crypto village’.
While offering services to people in the real world with real life assets and along the way, educate them in blockchain technology and also anything that the region and nature has to offer.

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Location and Region

The Park is located in a beautiful region in Sweden called Västernorrland.

The region is known for its lakes, forests and wildlife. The light pollution is classified as 2 and offers clear skies with bright stars and northern lights during the winter.

The existing tourism facilities are usually fully booked during mid-high seasons and is a common holiday destination not only foreign, but also for southern Swedish tourists.


Betåsen and Holafors
Animated Map of Voyager Park. (not scaled)

The Park is divided in to 3 sections.
Designed to operate in all four seasons.
Site E offers a Center Dome with a restaurant and a few small shopping stores. This site will focus on travelers with a higher budget. 
Site F offers camping spots and cottages for travelers with a mid-tier budget.
Site G will focus on budget travelers, it is located along the 90 road. We are offering motel rooms, a local bar with shower facilities.

Region Opportunities

Astronomy Study Program

Voyager Park will offer studies in Astronomy and Astrophotography for park visitors and nearby schools.

Local Work Opportunities

Voyager Park will increase job offer and opportunities in the region of Västernorrland in Sweden.

Heat Utilization Showcase

Hodler Energy will demonstrate the most green and cost-efficient technologies in re-using heat from data-centers.

Foreign Job Opportunities

Voyager Park offer summer and winter jobs for students from all over the world and allow them to experience Sweden.

Hosting Services

Hodler Energy allows people from all over the world to host their mining equipment with us and benefit from the electric price.

Renewable Energy Showcase

Antares Energy will demonstrate how everyone can benefit from renewable energy sources.

Projects and Partners Involved

Qredit has been the first project of Hodler Enterprises, started in January 2018. Qredit provides blockchain services to individuals, developers, merchants and consumers. Qredit will fully utilize and offer its services on Voyager Park.

Persona was acquired in August 2019. 
Persona will focus on Zero knowledge Digital Identity management systems. It will first demonstrate the product on Voyager Park before targeting AirBNB, and ABN Amro as potential customers and partners. 


Antares Energy (formerly known as SolarDAO) has been acquired in July 2019. Antares Energy will focus on providing renewable energy sources for Voyager Park and Hodler Energy. 

Hodler Energy was acquired in June 2018 (formerly known as Hodler Mining/Miniera). Hodler Energy will provide FPGA hosting solutions for 3rd parties and utilize the heat from the data-center for Voyager Park.

McBläck was the first physical store acquired by Hodler Enterprises. McBläck focuses on  green and cost-friendly IT and printer solutions in the region of Västernorrland. McBläck will move to the Voyager Park site in May 2020.

Altilly is the digital asset exchange of Hodler Enterprises, acquired in January 2019. Altilly will be providing the fiat and crypto payment gateways and the license for Qredit Motion and the first to utilize Persona.

Northern Lights Construction is a company in Junsele (15 km from Voyager Park). NLC has been providing us with useful resources and constructions during the build phase of Hodler Energy. It will now provide construction works for Voyager Park.

Token of Trust has been a partner of Qredit and Hodler Enterprises since February 2018. Token of Trust provides 3rd party KYC services for our customers and clients, allowing us to handle sensitive information in a professional way.


October 2019
November 2019
December 2019
January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020
September 2020
October 2020

October 2019

Release of Altilly Mobile app

End of discount Voyager Park IEO

Swap Persona to QAE

November 2019

Qredit Motion is live on Altilly with fiat pegged stable token on QAE

Altilly receives banking and exchange license

Cut down of Forest at Site E & F

First phase of building at Site G

Voyager Park Booking system goes live with Qredit integrated payments

Marketing Phase with travel agencies

Acquisition phase of nearby activities and event organizers

December 2019

Relocation of the McBläck shop to site G

January 2020

Altilly incorporated in Estonia

February 2020

First glass igloos are being built

Order of 50 Ki Devices

Qredit live Generalbytes ATM

Generalbytes ATM deployed on VoyagerPark

First users can now register on Persona

March 2020

Installation of electric grid and Hodler Energy heat utilization

Deployment of Antares Energy Solar panels

Fiber internet connection installed by Sollefteå Stadsnät

Build phase of the Dome with shopping mall with restaurant

April 2020

Delivery of Ki Devices

May 2020

First rentals of restaurant and stores

Shuttle service goes live

Guests arrive at Voyager Park (Site F)

First utilization of Persona Identity Management and Qredit Wave

June 2020

End of Voyager Park IEO

Guests arrive at Voyager Park (Site G)

July 2020

First Payout Voyager Park

New Facility Hodler Energy and HQ (Site D)

August 2020

Build phase of Site E

September 2020

New facility of Hodler Energy goes live

October 2020

Guests arrive at Voyager Park (Site E)

Grand Opening

Financial Information

Capacity Utilization 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years

Forecast (October 2020 – October 2021) based on hardcap of $1,000,000 investment.
Tax has been included in all calculations.
Multicomplex Cottages$292,000$730,000$1,460,000$2,190,000$2,920,000
Facility Rental$7,200$18,000$36,000$54,000$72,000
Bar & Restaurant$638,750$1,596,875$3,193,750$4,790,625$6,387,500
Accounting Fees-$4,320-$4,320-$4,320-$4,320-$4,320
Legal Fees-$1,378-$1,378-$1,378-$1,378-$1,378
Supplies / Utility / Laundry-$28,500-$71,250-$142,500-$213,750-$285,000
Telephone/ Internet / TV-$240-$240-$240-$240-$240
Total Profit$1,504,009$3,828,311$7,675,384$11,557,116$15,426,157
Yearly profit per $100 Investment$74$188$376$566$756
Profit at $1mln Investment$736,965$1,875,873$3,760,938$5,662,987$7,558,817

Total Funding$ 689,800$ 1,189,800($ 500,000)
Total Expenses$ 508,938$ 1,037,779($ 528,841)
Difference$ 180,862$ 152,021$ 28,841
VC / Investors$ 500,000$ 1,000,000($ 500,000)
Forest$ 64,800$ 64,800 
Subsidy$ 125,000$ 125,000 
TOTAL$ 689,800$ 1,189,800($ 500,000)
Center Dome$68,000$225,000-$157,000
Fully prep. Igloo$110,000$220,000-$110,000
Legal Fees$1,200$1,200 
Licenses / Permits$780$780 
Medical Center$4,300$4,300 
Space Acquisition$65,000$65,000 
Rental Equipment$12,000$36,500-$24,500
Space Prep$14,800$23,050-$8,250
Starting Inventory$8,500$8,500 
Accounting Fees$4,320$4,320 
Legal Fees$1,378$1,378 
Payroll + Tax$49,920$149,760-$99,840
Supplies & Utility$19,200$28,500-$9,300
Telephone / Internet / TV$240$240 
TOTAL$ 508,938$ 1,037,779($ 528,841)
Note! Some expenses are covered by Hodler Enterprises and/or our other projects and therefore not calculated in this document.

The ROI is based on capacity utilization. 
Example: 10% utilization means that all stores, restaurants, facilities, rooms and igloos are 10% occupied over the whole year.

The first rewards start in July 2020. Voyager Park will be completely finished in November 2020.
The ROI should be counted from this date. (November 2020)

The ROI is based on the actual profit and not on revenue. Salaries, maintenance, electric, insurance, 25% tax and all other costs are already counted in the profit. Please check the laws and regulation in your country for reclaiming tax.

Documents (PDF)

Slide Deck

Voyager Park
Business Plan

Executive Summary

Financial Plan
(1st year)


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Our Team

Nayiem Willems
Founder & CEO

Javed Mohammad
General Manager

Marco Valize
IT Infrastructure Developer

Kevin Patch
Chief Technology Officer

Sophia Rademackers
Facility Manager

Sebastian Tušinec
Engineer & Project Manager

Tsvetan Vetskov
IT Manager

Jamie Cupper
Strategist & Community Support

Jan Emil Christiansen
Customer Relations

Georgi Stoyanov
Network Architect

Jorrit de Bruin
Financial &
Product Advisor

Barrie Donoghue
Customer Support

Investment Policy

Before investing, we advise you the check the laws and regulation in your country. Voyager Park is considered to be a security in some countries. US citizens are strictly prohibited from participating in this project through our investment portals.

Voyager Park will share tokens on the Qredit (QAE) platform.  The token is called Hodler Enterprises with the HODLER ticker.
These tokens represent a share in the profit.
49% of the overall profit from Voyager Park will be shared among all token holders. Only sold tokens will be allowed to receive the profit.
Participants need a Qredit wallet address, from where they own the private keys. The payout of the dividends occurs on a quarterly basis, starting in July 2020. Payouts will be done in stable tokens to retain the value of the profit.
The payout will be sent to the wallet, holding the HODLER token.
Qredit Motion will allow you to convert your stable token to cryptocurrency or any fiat currency, at any time.

Get involved

Please Join us on Telegram, where you can meet our team, other participants and enthusiasts of the Voyager Park project. Ask any questions or discuss any concerns.

IEO/ICO Summary

Token: Hodler Enterprises
Ticker: HODLER
Blockchain: Qredit 
Contract: 8822be1bddaebc314cfd0ed9d29be0ba

Softcap: € 500 000 (5 350 000kr)
Hardcap: € 1 000 000 (10 700 000kr)
Max Token Supply: 10 000 HODLER tokens
Sale price per token: € 100 (1070 kr)
Sale ends: February 1, 2020 

Rewards offered: 49% profit, over all sold tokens. Payouts are done in stable tokens on the Qredit Blockchain. 

Click here to download compatible wallets.


Please note! US citizens are prohibited from participating in this project.
Tokens are offered on this website as an ICO and on the Altilly Exchange as an IEO. 
KYC is required for both portals. The KYC process will be offered through our trusted KYC partner; Token of Trust.
Click here to apply for your KYC. It takes only 2 minutes.

Participants can already purchase tokens on this website, but it will be only transferred to wallets once the KYC verification is complete.

Invest through Voyager Park

Payment methods
Direct bank transfer (IBAN)  (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, USDT)

Invest through Altilly

Payment methods
BTC, XQR, Hodler Energy tokens

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